I have always been a dreamer and a lateral thinker, so I guess it was not surprising that I ended up becoming an ‘ideas factory’ for a living.

Once, when I was doing a college lecture, somebody in the audience asked me how long it takes to come up with an idea. My answer was, approximately 300 milliseconds.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Research University have measured it at around this speed, give or take a millisecond. After that it takes days, weeks and sometimes months of hard work putting it down, crafting it, sharing it with others, convincing them it is the answer to the brief, protecting it from doubters and negativity, building on it, interrogating it, subjecting it to practicalities and opinions, believing in it, championing it and making it fly. Only then does it become an idea that lives in the real world, outside of your head.

This is what I do.