The gift of Creativity

For Christmas 2008 the creative department at The Big Kick decided to give everyone in the company a gift from the heart. Something creative, meaningful and unique. Something that would be a symbol of our gratitude to all those suits who had worked so hard to get us the best briefs, from the best clients with the best lead times. Something that they could treasure forever… but we couldn’t think of anything like that, so we gave them this film, on a special limited edition disc, which was then posted on You Tube. It has had over 2,600 hits. It features all the creatives, as the new boyband sensation AL1 (our postcode in St Albans) but Andy couldn’t be there, so he made a clip and sent it to us, blind, without knowing what we were filming or how it would fit in! So watch out for the unscheduled appearance of MC Stanton. I wrote the lyrics and my talented sound designer son, Greg, did the filming, sound recording, editing and mixing, all at the same time, in one session, with one hand tied behind his back whilst juggling chain saws and a heavy pre-Christmas workload. The lads all said it was a really great experience singing in a recording studio and we were pleased with the results. Humble apologies to E17! The guy at the end who stops and says “Excuse me while I light my spliff!” was totally off his trolley, but he made us all laugh when he interrupted the filming and staggered around in front of our camera. Happy Days.