What industry experts say about me

It is always great to hear what others say about you, good or bad, because if you ask people you are certain will be painfully honest, you will not like everything you hear, but you will always discover something you can use going forward, to improve. I may be brave or stupid, but I know one thing for sure.

We can never see ourselves as others do.

That is why I sent Teresa Klasener (voxpopper, director, cameragal, interviewer and videographer extraordinaire) off to speak to all the most senior industry icons I know, with a totally open brief, and told her to get them to be brutally honest about me. She didn’t have to use her ample charms to persuade them either! However, as it turned out, I was totally gobsmacked when they all said nice things about me! I even went through all the outtakes to find some less than complimentary material, to temper the films with some honest balance, but to no avail.

I am therefore very touched to be putting these films on my website, as they represent the very best reward I could ever get for what I do – recognition and praise from those I most admire and respect in my industry. I purposely didn’t get involved in the editing or selecting of comments so when the final edit was complete, it was like opening a Christmas gift when the films arrived.

Thanks to all those who contributed, and to those who were unable to see Teresa, but sent kind messages.


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