January 26, 2015

Danny has incredible skills, experience and expertise. Danny is, as I have said many times, a unique talent! I would like to thank Danny for all his incredible contributions in making The Big Kick a centre of creative excellence much envied by our competitors. He will be a hard act to follow.

January 26, 2015

I have worked in conjunction with Danny at The Big Kick on a number of campaigns for both Walkers and Birds Eye. I have always found them a great agency to work with, eager to share ideas, keen to understand or share the core creative idea, proactive and not at all ‘precious’ creatively. As Creative Director, Danny Claridge has a real knack for getting under the skin of an above the line idea and translating it in a seamless way below and through the line.

January 26, 2015

Danny is an outstanding creative director. The Big Kick has gone from strength to strength under his creative direction. We were lucky he decided to join us

January 26, 2015

Danny is just the best creative director I have ever worked with. I trust him implicitly to produce the goods time after time. And he's great to work with too - not too proud to take on board other people's ideas and help build them. I'm always excited when settling down to a creative review with Danny as I know there'll be a gem of an idea in there.

January 26, 2015

I was one of the founding partners of Triangle, which was formed in 1975. Danny Claridge joined our business in 1979 when the company was a small but rapidly growing sales promotion agency. He quickly developed a reputation for creating unusual solutions to client briefs which contributed to the agency’s growing reputation.

As Triangle broadened its remit into a full service marketing communications agency, Danny’s creative abilities matured beyond the original sales promotion remit to encompass advertising, data driven marketing, event marketing and more recently, digital marketing. He is, in short, that rare talent of a complete creative marketing professional, able to interpret even the sketchiest of briefs and produce innovative and effective work.

Danny is also a Creative who cares passionately about his work; enough to question strategies, to contest opinions and to challenge perceptions. He enjoys the stimulus of like-minded thinkers, and can share his knowledge and talent with young, aspiring people. His portfolio must be without question one of the most impressive in the industry. It certainly encompasses a wide range of award-winning campaigns in many different product sectors.

Over many years, Danny has realised the full potential of his talent by focusing uncompromisingly on the creative product. He can develop strategies, write copy, create TV and radio scripts often at breakneck speed, and present to clients in a clear and compelling way. Danny was one of a handful of colleagues who made a very special contribution to the reputation of what became one of the most successful and highly regarded businesses of its generation.

Finally on a personal note, Danny and I worked productively together for some 25 years, through a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, triumphs and disasters, sharing a mutual respect which continues to this day. As such, it was a special relationship I have always valued.

January 26, 2015

My long-standing business partner, Danny Claridge, has asked me to provide a reference. I worked with Danny for almost 25 years at the Triangle Group.

Danny joined the agency in the very early days and quickly became an essential part of the senior team as Group Creative Director.

He is, without question, one of the most talented creatives in the industry. I was often in awe of his ability to grasp a problem, define a strategy and produce outstanding creative in any communication channel – print, broadcast, on-line etc. He can turn a brief round faster than anyone i know and i have worked with literally hundreds of creatives over the years.

He is a brilliant writer but can also visualise his work. He reminds me of that saying ‘no man is an island’ well, actually, Danny is, he literally doesn’t need anyone else and can do it all by himself! He will develop the business strategy, write the communications strategy then produce the creative.

I often described Danny to colleagues at Triangle as our secret Exocet missile – once you hit that button he would almost always hit the target.

There were many, many occasions when I left Danny at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening struggling with a brief only to come in the next morning to find the A-Z of a campaign, worked out in detail and ready to go to presentation visuals.
If you want an outstanding creative talent, forget the age (and currently the size!) you will find no better creative mind in London than Danny Claridge. One of my regrets is that when I started the new agency, Danny wasn’t in a position to join and I guess we have both benefited from the break in our business relationship.

Danny also has the ability to nurture young talent and many of the industry and I’m sure he will go on to produce more award-winning, successful work in the next stage of his career.

For more testimonials see Danny’s LinkedIn page where there are many recommendations from people Danny has worked with.